Under a softness woven of percussion, Command Sisters distills I Can Do What I Want To, fiery pop-rock bursts. Mixing caressing notes with boiling arpeggios, this sister duo from Canada offers an irresistible groove. Under an erotic and smooth song, the bass lines gravitate in soft aerial zest. The guitars tunes are truly charming and the bass is incredible. The chorus is a hook and their performance is very very professional which shows how talented they are. This new title with sinuous swings is aptly named “I Can Do What I Want To“, inviting to delicate crescendos in farandole. Make sure to follow Charlotte and Sarah Command on social media so you don’t miss any of their tracks.

Introducing the band that will eventually need no introduction: Command Sisters. Comprised of Charlotte [vocals, keys] and Sarah Command [guitar] (yes Command is their real last name!), the Alberta-born and Toronto-based sibling duo unleash their debut single “I Can Do What I Want To on May 15th, via 21 Entertainment/Universal Music Canada/Republic Records.

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