Kid Riz emerging artist blends hip-hop, RnB, and world sounds a little differently from the norm. ‘’Selma’s Poem’’  is a new piece of art released by Kid Riz. In aerial swings and hot movements, he creates a dreamy combination with voluptuous synthetic jolts. The production of this song is polished and sounds very professional and the beats are wonderful. So, in enchanting arpeggios, he caresses the bodies with his bewitching rhythm. The atmosphere of this record is unique and the chorus is nice, we have enjoyed the catchy vocals. With a caressing song and with amazing scents, he unveils a captivating track.

Enjoy ‘’Selma’s Poem’’:

Montreal native Kid Riz is all about making good music. Creating music is not new to this 20-year-old who grew up in a musical family. When he turned 14 he developed a knack for music and was influenced by the likes of Bruno Mars, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, and more. He quickly realized that this was his calling and after finishing high school he decided to give College a break and concentrate on his music.