The gifted artist Leon Ross released his new song “No Fear“. You will really enjoy the vibes on this track, and it will make you listen to it again and again. The melody of this record is catchy and beautiful and his lyrics are original and sound professional. Leon’s stunning voice and the production of this song mesh together perfectly which makes the melody sparkle. This song is such a nice experience. ”No Fear” is a Hip-Hop song leveraging a mash-up of various samples combined with quick-witted lyrics.

Leon Ross was born & in Compton, CA. Growing up without a Father caused him to look to the streets for guidance. That led him to gang banging & trying to fit in crowds he wasn’t meant to be in. After nearly losing his life & becoming a Father he knew it was time to be a leader & a better man. If not just for him, but for his son as well. He finally gave his life to God & started doing inspirational music, after being a secular Rap Artist for 10+ years.

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