The gifted Hip-Hop/Rap artist Trav B Ryan released his new song “Capricorn Be Like. “ You will really enjoy the vibes on this track, and it wIll make you have listened to it again and again. His singing is professional, rich, and very harmonious with the rhythm. His eclectic compositions have the same signature bathed in the setting sun or the evening falling at full speed. Some titles are already promises for those who love serenely singular hip hop. We really love his catchy performance and rich voice, and we can’t wait to see what next.


The talents of this New York-based artist are showcased in every song he puts out. With his unique flow and even more unique voice, Trav has found his way into articles from Comicbook.com, Grunge Cake, The Girls At The Rock Show, and even a featured appearance on MSNBC’s The Beat Ari Melber. Trav’s intense, emotional hip hop music instantly grants the listener with a sense of purpose, strength, and a lot of goosebumps. Making each listener more comfortable with themselves with every song.

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